Punctuation Rules

Capitalization Rules
The information below will be on Grammar tests.

Synonyms- are words that have similar, or almost the same, meaning.

Antonyms- are words that have opposite meanings.

Chapter 2

Stroll- to walk unhurriedly

Synonym: walk                         Antonym: run

Sentence:  My grandparents stroll though the park every afternoon.

Synonyms:                                                        Antonyms
Start, begin                                                       pretty, ugly
Answer, reply                                                   hasty, slow

Chapter 3

Moist- a little wet

Synonym: damp                                    Antonym: dry

Sentence: Mom wiped the TV with a moist cloth.

Synonym                                              Antonym
Empty, vacant                                       poor, rich
Jump, leap                                            add, subtract

Chapter 4

Audience-group attending an event

Synonym:  viewer                                 Antonym:  performers

Sentence:  The audience listened to the beautiful song.

Synonym                                              Antonym
Pretend, imaginary                                weak, strong
Under, beneath                                     noisy, quiet

Chapter 5

Cargo- goods carried by plane, train, ship

Synonym:  freight                                  Antonym:  passenger

Sentence:  The cargo of food and blankets was unlooked from planed.

Synonyms                                             Antonym
Select, choose                                      long, short
Price, cost                                            full, empty

Chapter 6

Harvest- to gather a crop that is ripe

Synonym:  reap                         Antonym:  plant

Sentence:  Our family harvested the potatoes in the garden.

Synonym                                              Antonym
Melt, thaw                                            mend, break
Blanket, quilt                                        wild, tame

Chapter 7

Prowl- to move quietly in search of prey

Synonym:  creep                                   Antonym:  flee

Sentence:  A cougar prowled quietly through the forest. 

Synonym                                              Antonym
Clever, smart                                        begin, end
Mistake, error                                     narrow, wide

Chapter 9

Earnest- not joking; serious

Synonym: sincere                                  Antonym:  unconcerned

Sentence: Jim was earnest in his wish to do a good job.

Synonyms                                             Antonym
Grateful, thankful                                  sweet, sour
Bashful, timid                                        follow, lead

Chapter 11

Patient- not getting upset when troubled

Synonym:  calm                                    Antonym:  anxious

Sentence:  The mother was patient with her active child

Synonyms                                             Antonym
Rip, tear                                               crawled, raced
Author, writer                                       praise, blame

Chapter 13    

Autumn- the season between summer and winter

Synonym: fall                                        Antonym:  spring

Sentence:  The leaves in autumn have beautiful colors.

Synonym                                              Antonym
Practice, rehearse                                 tiny, enormous
Slice, piece                                           cheerful, gloomy

Chapter 15

Precious- having great value; loved much

Synonym:  valuable                               Antonym:  unimportant

Sentence:  Grandma’s dog is precious to her. 

Synonym                                              Antonym
Possessions, belongings                        argue, agree
Challenge, dare                         bold, fearful

Chapter 17

Mature- fully grown

Synonym: adult                                     Antonym:  baby

Sentence:  This mature plant has produced seeds. 

Synonyms                                             Antonym
Tie, fasten                                             basement, attic
Brag, boast                                           believe, doubt

Chapter 19

Aware- knowing or realizing something

Synonym:  informed                              Antonym:  uninformed

Sentence:  Everyone was aware of the final score of the game.

Synonym                                              Antonym
Blend, combine                         many, few
Tow, haul                                             patient, anxious

Chapter 21

Boast- to speak too highly about yourself

Synonym: brag                          Antonym:  whine

Sentence:  He boasted about his prize for days.

Synonyms                                             Antonym
Calamity, disaster                                 clumsy, graceful
Feeble, weak                                        stiff, flexible